Don't Toss Out Your Broken Vacuum Cleaner Just Yet

Bring it to our vacuum repair shop in Yarmouth, NS

Vacuum cleaners may be more affordable than ever, but you don't have to buy a new one when your old one breaks down. Aerus of Yarmouth, NS offers affordable vacuum repair services, so bring your broken device to us.

We can figure out why your vacuum cleaner...

  • Won't turn on
  • Has lost suction power
  • Is producing unusual odors
We'll do our best to repair your vacuum cleaner. But if we can't fix it, we can help you pick out a new one. Ask us about our trade-in program when you stop by.

We excel at fixing Electrolux and Aerus products

Everyone at our vacuum repair shop is intimately familiar with the products we sell, so you know we can fix your malfunctioning device.

Have an Electrolux vacuum cleaner? We can fix it or recommend devices just like it. Visit our vacuum repair shop in Yarmouth, NS today to check out the latest models.