Dealing With Hard Water in Yarmouth, NS?

Dealing With Hard Water in Yarmouth, NS?

An Aerus water softener can remove all those minerals

Your drinking water can pick up contaminants on its way to your home or place of business. Luckily, Aerus water softeners can remove many of the chemicals that contribute to hard water. Once we provide you with water testing services, our team in Yarmouth, NS can recommend products that can improve your water quality.

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You don't want to have hard water

Hard water has been known to...

  • Shorten the service life of appliances and plumbing
  • Irritate the skin and contribute to allergic reactions
  • Leave white spots on clothing and soap scum on dishes

The good news is that water softeners can solve these problems and others. To find out what type of system you'll need, request water testing services in Yarmouth, NS today.